A New Era

Nov 17 2016
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By now most of the world knows that Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. Slightly under 60 million voted for Trump. Slightly over 60 million voted for Clinton and 6 million voted for Others. That still leaves 73 million people that did not vote. While many will say that a 63 percent voter turn out is great, I look at it as 73 million people do not care enough to get out and vote. This is a problem I feel we need to address in the near future.

Today we have a Country divided like I have never seen. Even in the 60’s and 70’s I do not feel that our Country was this divided. In spite of what some people may say, I am not old enough to remember what it was like after the Civil War. What I have read leads me to believe we are experiencing similar times. So the challenge is how do we heal our Country.

The Conservatives and Liberals will never agree on certain policies such as abortion, social programs, gun control and the correct approach to immigration. Somehow we have to get past these obstacles and run the Country. We cannot be at a stalemate for years to come or we face ruin.

While watching TV, I saw Bernie Sanders say he was willing to work with President-Elect Trump to solve some of the problems. OK, if HE is willing to give him a chance, why all of the rioting? Why not channel the energies into making a difference in this Country? Has anyone thought about how much money was spent on this election and I am not talking about just the President’s race? How many people could be fed? How many Veterans could be cared for? How many diseases could be cured? How much could my medical insurance be reduced? While this is only the tip of the iceberg, it is food for thought and I alone cannot come up with all the answers.

I feel we all, at some point in our lives, have taken the attitude of letting the government or someone else solve our problems. Maybe it was only in a local election, PTA meeting, Church function or runoff election. We all must get involved and set rules and laws that benefit all and not just a few. If Trump has not paid any income tax in years but yet he is following the law, who’s fault is that? I am sure there are billionaires on the Liberal side that have similar returns. In my opinion, this Election has brought out the silent and ignored majority. All elected officials should get out and talk to the People and not just those with money. Start representing the PEOPLE or plan on getting voted out.

While I have said many things here, my message is simple: We must all work together and get involved or fall apart.

Richard Chapman, KCRC President