Confederate Statues in Public Places

Sep 07 2017
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Considering all the dissension generated by Confederate statues in public places, I thought I’d throw my two cents in.

I realize this is a politically sensitive topic, often considered taboo to address. But no American should be shamed into silent submission.

I’ll say upfront that I think the so-called Alt Right is nuts and an embarrassment to our nation. But, considering that membership in the Ku Klux Klan (or similar hate groups) hovers around 2000 people nationally, this “movement” is not deserving of any media attention, and is equivalent to a minor teenage pimple.

Conversely, the far left Antifa group are vile, despicable, America haters. They claim to be “progressive,” but trample on the rights of anyone who holds differing views.

Not just some, but almost all the violence we’ve recently seen in America has been perpetrated by Antifa leftists, not the Tea Party. Sadly, Progressive “leaders” have been almost universally silent regarding these wretched characters. While conservative leaders are seemingly required to condemn right wing extremists (and they should), progressives should not be exempt from criticizing the crazies on the left. What are they afraid of?

I certainly understand the distaste that African Americans have for Confederate statues. Who could blame them? But I question the amount of attention this issue has generated.

Is the existence of statues honoring Confederates really the primary stumbling block to African American progress in the USA?

The decline in the poverty rate amongst African Americans started at the beginning of World War II, then at 87%. It was 32% by 1965, and has barely declined since.

Almost 70% of African Americans today are in the Middle Class, Upper Middle Class, or affluent. That 30% remain mired in poverty is both unfortunate and sad. Despite almost $20 trillion spent on the “War” on Poverty since 1965, our nation’s poverty rate has not changed.

Why? Simply put, the breakdown of the family is the biggest contributor to this sad truth. While out of wedlock birthrates have skyrocketed among all racial groups in America, the biggest impact has been in the African American community, rising from 20% in 1960 to 73% today. Any social scientist will tell you that children raised in single parent households generally underperform in school and are more likely to engage in criminal behavior. With the absence of many fathers in America’s underclass, Uncle Sam has become Uncle Sugar.

Children trapped in impoverished communities are more likely to attend public schools controlled by unions, whose primary objective is job protection and income, not educating students. Many of these same schools are run by corrupt school boards who are more interested in generating jobs and contracts for friends and relatives than they are in educating minority youth.

Baltimore is just one example of a large city run for decades by “progressives” that has not met the needs of its people. There has not been a Republican City Council member in Baltimore since 1942, nor mayor since 1967. They spend $23,000 annually per child in Baltimore schools, with disastrous results. This is about three times what we spend in Boerne. While I will not equate the challenge of teaching the youth of Baltimore to our children locally, no one can tell me that 23k per child is not enough to get the job done. Whose pockets are being lined?

The bitter fruit of the “Great” Society is corruption, violence, and despair.

What will happen when Confederate statues are removed? Will the far left be satisfied? No way – their hatred for America is so strong, they will simply move on to the next grievance. Why then not change the name of our capitol, as George Washington owned slaves. Or why not get rid of Mt. Rushmore, which includes Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves. Why dishonor Lincoln? Realizing the difficulty of integrating former slaves and slave owners, he suggested that freed slaves be sent back to Africa, which in today’s politically correct world renders him evil.

While we debate removing Confederate statues, why not address the real issues that affect a sizable, permanent underclass of African Americans?

Charles Barkley recently shared his views on this topic in his own unique, straight forward style; “I am not going to waste my time worrying about these Confederate statues – that is wasted energy. You know what I am going to do? I am going to keep doing great things. I am going to keep trying to make a difference – number one in the black community because I am black, but also trying to do good things in the world. We need to be focused on more important things – including making sure people get an education, have blacks stop killing each other, and expand economic opportunities. I am not going to waste my time screaming at a neo-Nazi who is going to hate me no matter what.” I love Barkley, and wish he would run for Governor of his home state of Alabama.

While protests were raging in Charlottesville, Virginia, I was attending a Christian retreat. What I saw was amazing. People of all races and backgrounds attended the same lessons, dined together, and enjoyed great fellowship. There were interracial families with beautiful children.

Jesus said in Matthew 28:18 to go and make disciples of all people and all nations. His greatest commandment was to love all your neighbors. Race is irrelevant. Friends, what our society doesn’t need is hateful rhetoric from extremist crazies. Rather, what we need more of is Jesus!

I realize that political secular leftists may not like this suggestion. But as far as I’m concerned, their misguided views have hurt our country, while adherence to God’s principles are what made this country great.

Written by Rich Sena

First Posted by the Boerne Star