Glass Half Full

Sep 07 2017
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Just 9 months ago, the 2016 election cemented Republican control of both
chambers of the US Congress, the president, vice president, both chambers of the Texas
legislature, governor, and lieutenant governor. It is a good time to pause and take stock
of the early returns.

The mass media would have us believe that nothing has been accomplished. They
broadcast a constant torrent of negative favorability ratings. The Democrats and their
liberal allies sustain their daily barrage of criticism; of course, they do not present
credible alternatives. To be fair, all of us, myself included, are frustrated with decisions
or inaction which didn’t go our way. Is the glass half full or half empty? A fair reading
of the early returns shows some strong accomplishments. Let’s look at Washington first.
Even before the inauguration, President Trump began naming a high quality,
conservative cabinet. They include distinguished leaders from private industry, public
sector, and military. These folks are not motivated by money or power or fancy titles.

They simply want to serve their country. Americans are blessed that they have chosen to
do so.

In addition, the Senate confirmed the nomination of Neil Gorsuch for the United
States Supreme Court, filling a vacancy left by the death of Antonin Scalia. Again, a
distinguished jurist who interprets the constitution as it is written. We are fortunate that
all of these highly talented individuals are willing to go through a confirmation process
that resembles a circus.

Trump signed an executive order on regulatory reform. After years of overreach
by the Obama administration, the system now has a much needed reset. The federal code
runs some 80,000 pages, which is ridiculous. In the future, each proposal for a new
regulation must be matched by elimination of two existing regulations. This could juice
the economy as much as a major tax cut.

Finally, Trump also issued a hiring freeze for federal employees. This is a sure
way to begin downsizing the gargantuan government bureaucracy. With the baby
boomers retiring in large numbers, this freeze will automatically downsize the federal
workforce. It will go a long way toward getting an oppressive government off the
citizens’ backs and out of the taxpayers’ wallets.

Yes, the glass is half full. And next on the agenda is tax reform. The American
taxpayers have not seen real tax reform in over 30 years, and the GOP aims to fix that.
The media would have us believe it is impossible in today’s Congress, but let’s see what
can be accomplished.

Of course, we have had our disappointments from Washington. The most glaring
example is Obamacare. After running for office with a platform of repealing and
replacing Obamacare, a few Republicans voted against it. For whatever reason, they
chose to make common cause with Democrats and preserve this obnoxious, obscene law
called Obamacare. GOP voters know who they are, and are not likely to forgive and
forget. And after all, there is still time to remove the Obamacare shackles from millions
of American voters.

In Austin, the legislature passed and the governor signed a balanced budget. Sure, our constitution requires it, but wouldn’t it be nice if Washington could live within their means too? In addition, Texas called for a Convention of the States, as an attempt to stop the excesses in the federal government. Also, Child Protective Services (CPS) got much
needed additional resources to improve the foster care system in Texas. And finally,
restrictions on annexation will now protect citizens from governments which are not
accountable to them.

Meanwhile, here at home, we in Kendall County are blessed with conservative
public officials. We enter our courthouse and deal with a county government that is of
the people, by the people, and for the people. Those public officials are careful stewards
of taxpayer money, developing prudent budgets and holding the line on expenses.
In Kendall County, it is not a coincidence that our federal, state, and county
elected officials are uniformly Republicans. GOP core values of freedom, economic
growth, and opportunity for every American have built the legacy we inherit. And we
intend to keep it.

Each election in Kendall County, more than 15,000 loyal Republican voters make
that statement, in one of the highest turnout percentages in the entire state of Texas. Our
voices drown out the media, lobbyists, urban liberals, special interest groups, etc. We the
people have the last word, as it should be.

Scott S. Kramer is chairman of the Republican Party of Kendall County.

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