Stop Popovich Stop

Oct 18 2017
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As I watched the many interviews of Gregg Popovich and his outbursts concerning Donald Trump I have to admit that he sounds more and more like the communists he once studied in the 60’s. Popovich has been given a pass by most, from his childish silence with sideline reporters to his socialist views on life. So, let’s suspend the famous simple chant of GO SPURS GO and start chanting STOP POPOVICH STOP! We as conservatives need to stop taking it on the chin by this coach just because he won five NBA championships. So, let’s take a closer look at this man.

The only difference with Trump is that Popovich doesn’t have a clue what he’s espousing except that he can attack a president which today is low hanging fruit for any one. I’m surprised that Popovich lowered himself to the likes of the severed head rhetoric of Kathy Griffin or the screeching siren of Joy Behar. I thought Popovich would have an intellectual conversation about our state of affairs rather than call the president an embarrassment. I understand Pop’s frustration when over the past eight years the Democrats have lost most the governorships and state legislatures, the Supreme court, the presidency, and of course both houses of Congress. Losing elections can cause these rages even among successful NBA coaches.

Still Pop doesn’t get it. It’s about America going through a conservative populist uprising and Trump tapping into that vein. It could have easily been Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio who had to handle the populist wave in this country. So, it doesn’t surprise me that a rich winebibber such as Pop himself would lower his great mind to the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. Why does Pop act like comedians who hide behind their comedy and hardly go one-on- one with real conservative thinkers like Dinesh D’Souza, Thomas Sowell or Denis Prager. Pop should sit down with great minds of conservatism and talk issues and solutions.

Pop went down the liberal road to perdition rather than engage in a direct responsible dialogue about oppression in the black community. He does a drive-by on the president rather than use his status and influence to engage with the critical players that can make a difference. Pop should know from his Russian studies that at least Foreign minister Andre Gromyko or Premiere Nikita Khrushchev sat down with their foreign U.S. counterparts during the Cold War and had point to point serious discussions. So why hasn’t Pop taken that route? Because there is no systemic oppression or racism targeting blacks. Racism exists but systemic racism does not. This is the cry and ploy of the left to galvanize minority voters and keep them on the plantation. Unfortunately, Pop has become a vocal leader of this misguided myopic movement to maintain liberal power thus politically disabling millions of minorities. He doesn’t want the sit-down with Trump for he has no solutions but failed liberal policies.

So, as a giving conservative let me help Coach Pop out. Primary, he must put down the bottle of Lafite Rothschild that he holds in his hands and walk away from the current Russian non-fiction. Getting drunk and reading drivel from Bolsheviks and Mensheviks is a recipe for disaster.

First, on the next Spurs road trip to Chicago on Oct. 21st instead of going to the famous Village wine cellar in Chicago I suggest he give Mayor Rahm Emmanuel a call and have a summit on black on black crime. In this summit, Pop should ask, has the Democrat machine which has controlled the city of Chicago for decades accomplished anything for blacks?

Second, buy the book An American Renaissance (1979) by former Republican VP and Presidential candidate Jack Kemp and read how he proposed enterprise zones in American- African communities to revitalize cities through pro-growth free enterprise principles. Kemp introduced the Urban Jobs and Enterprise Zone Act. It called for certain areas of high poverty, unemployment, and abandoned properties within older cities to be “green-lined.” (“Red-lined” was a bankers’ term for neighborhoods considered too great a financial risk for lending.) Within “green-lined” zones, the federal government would provide incentives to encourage job creation, new small enterprise investment, and existing business expansion. Sure, sounds better to discuss that than hide behind a bunch NBA reporters.

Third, Pop should call Trump. I suggest saying this as he dials the president. “Hello Mr. President this is Gregg Popovich. Now sir I don’t believe we see eye to eye on most issues but we need to look at black on black crime in our communities especially on the eastside of San Antonio where we play our Spurs games, where gun violence has increased. I’m concerned about violence in our city as well as other places my team visits such as Chicago, New York, and Detroit. As you know many of my players are black and I care deeply about this issue. Can we start a commission President Trump? I will lead that commission to get a better understanding of all sides so we can tackle this issue head on. Let’s find a bi-partisan vision for this country and solve the black on black crime and poverty which in the end is the real oppressor”

Wow! Not hard at all. If the coach does that all I can say is, GO POP GO!

Written by Patrick Flenniken

First posted by the Boerne Star