Member Spotlight

Nov 21 2018
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KCRC: When did the two of you become Republicans and why?

Mike – It was the Vietnam War for me. Lost some friends and a brother-in-law in that war. I blame LBJ for that War and the fact that it was escalated. When LBJ said he wasn’t running in 1968 I said “Yeah” When people ask me why I became a Republican I tell them 58,000 reasons why, the number of military personnel that lost their lives.

Ginger – About the same time as Mike. My problem was I felt the government was betraying the American people. We became Republicans mainly because of some friends of ours who were very religious and they were talkers. They had an influence on us during this time.

KCRC: When did the two of you become members of the KCRC?

Mike and Ginger: 2006, we joined the KCRC & KCRW about the same time. We had to do something at that time we just couldn’t turn on the television.

KCRC: Who was your favorite Republican President and why?

Mike: Reagan, I just liked his style. I trusted him. You can tell in his heart that he wanted to make America number one.

Ginger: Reagan also

KCRC: What do you think Republicans in Congress should focus on in the next two years?

Mike: Immigration and Health Care

Ginger: Immigration

KCRC: What is your impression of the media today?

Mike: Social media has big influence. Many ways to get the news. It is inevitable that it would take over. There is a lot of competition in the media today.

Ginger: They put a twist on everything. They are devilish and always distort with two different types of stories. There is always a slant to their coverage. Jake Tapper is one person who should report but not tell people what to think.

KCRC: Do you think Trump is doing a good job? What should he focus on?

Mike: Continue to work with the economy. It’s the economy, stupid as James Carville once said. Focus on the economy.

Ginger: Trump needs to be careful in choosing his words.

KCRC: Has there ever been a famous Republican you met personally?

Mike: Giving Senator Ted Cruz a 30-minute plant tour at my job site. I had him pretty much alone for 30 minutes. It was a guided walking tour through the laundry facility plant. The Senator rolled up his sleeves and put sheets in the industrial flat iron. The workers at the plant asked several questions of the Senator and it was on immigration and minimum wage. I suspect there might have been some who were illegal or knew someone who was.

Ginger: I was the President of the Bexar County Republican Women Club and during the 2012 campaign got a chance to setup a meet and greet for Rudy Giuliani.

KCRC: In your opinion what is the greatest political moment that you personally have ever experienced?

Mike: LBJ saying he will not run for a second term in 1968

Ginger: Trumps victory in 2016