Election Lessons

Dec 14 2018
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Election Lessons


Election 2018 is in the books. Speeches, debates, events, signs, and advertisements are all behind us, until the next cycle. We are thankful for that.

Let’s look at the bright side, that our office holders are accountable to we the people every 2, 4, or 6 years. Yes, the people always have the last word. Not the liberal media, not the fake news, not the social media pirates, not the big money donors, not even the most powerful man in the world. Nope, none of them. We the people have the last word. God bless America, and God bless Texas!

There were many lessons from Election 2018. Here are a few.

We have election integrity in Kendall County. I witness the process firsthand, and we are truly blessed. When you hear about election fraud in other counties, some nearby, you can be assured that our elections have integrity in Kendall County. Every registered voter has access, every ballot is counted, and only eligible voters can cast a ballot. A tip of the hat to the team at the Elections Office!

Kendall County is a deep, deep red county. And we vote! Turnout was record setting, with 65% of all registered voters in our county casting a ballot. That is #1 in the entire state of Texas! And half of those ballots were straight ticket Republican. Overall, all of our Republican candidates won with 75-85% of the vote. And for our fortunate citizens, every single public official from the court house to the White House is a Republican.

Substance counts. Candidates frequently mention that Kendall County has a reputation for informed voters. I like that. And it showed. With 77% of Kendall County votes, Senator Ted Cruz overwhelmingly defeated his liberal Democrat opponent, who had a cute nickname but no substance. The Democrat made proposed abolishing ICE and impeaching the president. His party proposed “Medicare for all” and lots of free stuff. That might work elsewhere, but not in Kendall County.

With the caravans moving through Mexico to our border, and the violence at the California border, abolishing ICE would be stupid. The government has a responsibility to protect our borders, not abandon them. Every nation on earth defends their borders; why should we be different? It is amazing that we are even having this discussion.

“Medicare for all” means abolishing all private health insurance. However, most Americans are satisfied with their private plans. They look at how the VA bungles the treatment of our veterans, and they hate the idea of their personal health decisions being made by a bloated, unresponsive federal government. They don’t want the long wait times, poor quality, and lack of innovation. Not to mention the $32 trillion price tag.

Free college? Toss it onto the scrap pile with all the other ideas for free stuff. As one voter said so well, “we can have freedom or free stuff, but not both”.

The hidden D word. There was a running joke during the campaign; you needed a good detective to find the word Democrat used by a candidate in Kendall County. Not by the candidate, not their website, not their signs, not their mailings, not their advertisements. One candidate even told me that he wasn’t really a Democrat! Somehow, though, he was running for office with a D next to his name on the ballot. Nice try, but it doesn’t play in Kendall County. Our voters know better.

No voter suppression. In Texas, a voter has to provide an ID before voting. Just like taking an airline flight, checking into a hotel, opening a bank account, etc. This is common sense, to protect the integrity of the ballot box. There is even an exception process for those citizens who do not have a photo ID. But the Democrat party argues that these basic safeguards are “suppressing the vote.” We always thought that was a ridiculous argument, but Election 2018 proved it. All across America, record turnout, with many millions of new voters hitting the polls for the first time. Voter suppression? No way.

And so it was, Election 2018. Salute to the candidates, who chose to enter the campaign arena. They volunteered for public service, a noble calling. Salute to their families, who endured the process along with their loved one.   Salute to the workers and volunteers who made it all happen. And most of all, salute to the voters, who spoke their mind, and set new turnout records.

We will do it again in 2020.

Scott S. Kramer is Chairman of the Republican Party of Kendall County.

As previously published in the Boerne Star