Get Off My Burger

Nov 29 2019
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Biodegradable pitchforks raised high, saving Planet Earth one bean sprout at a time, and defending the civil rights of farm animals, the vegan scolds are determined to revolutionize your diet.  Force-feeding grain to geese is taboo, but shoving their foie gras agenda down human throats is de rigueur.

Vegan-archism is one element in the socialist blueprint. Connect the dots.

At a September 2019 CNN Town Hall on Climate Change, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates discussed implementing a food diktat.  Kamala Harris stated that Americans needed to be educated about the effect, upon our environment, of our eating habits, and further advocated  “climate impact labels” be placed on food products.  Andrew Yang cited a “UN study” that “proved” that climate change could be halted if the majority of the global population went vegetarian.   Cory Booker, a vegan, said he did not believe in  culinary intervention, but suggested the government “set a price on carbon in every single part of our economy, every facet of our life.”  Yet CO2 emissions per capita are the lowest since 1950 and down 21% since 2007, due to increased use of natural gas.

Your pantry is unsustainably stocked with the bounties of climate change, and the food gendarmes aim to fix this.  Consider another component of this constellation:  5% of American vegetarians and 3% of vegans are politically left-wing.  Leftists are 5.5% more likely to be vegetarians and 2.5 more likely to be vegans than conservatives.  Connecting  another dot, there is the “Sexual Politics of Meat:  A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory.”  Radical feminist Carol J. Moore posits that women suffer under the “patriarchy of meat eating”.  Meat, being associated with hunting, virility and strength – and the dreaded capitalist culture – oppresses women.  Moore blends uber-feminism, eco-terrorism and anti-second amendment gospel into one proletarian soy shake.  

Great Britain’s Vegan Society proclaimed they have “an important opportunity to get veganism on the political agenda.” The goal of militant animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere is, within forty years, “total animal liberation” and total abolition of meat eating.  They fantasize that they are “following in Martin Luther King Jr.’s footsteps by giving animals autonomy over their own bodies.”  Consider that an unsupplemented vegan diet deprives the brain of nutrients essential for cognitive function, and this deluded philosophy becomes understandable.  These fanatics, and their partner in crime, PETA, have no compunctions about breaking into farms and laboratories to release animals.  Farm-raised minks have been given their “freedom” in the wild, to be attacked by predators or frozen to death.  PETA also delights in splattering fur-coat clad women with red paint.  Would these eco-cowards dare to march into a biker bar and do same to the leather vest wearing patrons?   MLK would hardly approve of these antics. 

In 2014, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro  issued “secure food supply” cards that served dually as rationing and tracking systems of food purchases.  The alleged purpose was to prevent food hoarding and resale on the black market. Seventy-five percent of Venezuelans have lost an average of 20 pounds, due to food shortages brought on by poor political decisions of the Maduro government (stiff currency controls,  socialist price controls, lack of US dollars and reliance on exportation of oil to the neglect of farm production).  This is food politics gone berserk, starvation in a country that was once the richest in Latin America and possessed a stable democracy.   Connect another dot.

The Romanian government, under the totalitarianism of Nicolae Ceausescu,  ignored agriculture as it concentrated on rapid industrialization, resulting in chronic food shortages.  The solution, per despotic nutritionist Ceausescu, was a “rational eating programme”, implemented in 1983:  reduction of  per capita caloric consumption, by 9 – 15%, to a maximum of 3,000 calories per day.  Despite a dearth of food products, Romanians, he decreed, were still eating too much, and in 1985, a revised dietary program  dictated yet lower caloric intake.  Kamala Harris must have studied this playbook.  One more dot.

Citizens of communist Cuba endure long hours in line to purchase basic food staples, utilizing food rationing log books the Castro regime began issuing in 1962.  “It’s funny, sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is, that people are lining up for food. That is a good thing. In other countries, people do not line up for food. The rich get the food, and the poor starve to death,” said Bernie Sanders during his Burlington VT mayoral days. Hurry if you want to view this video, as it is vanishing from the Internet.

Dot. Exclamation point. 

Tofu totalitarianism? No thank you.  I’m a meat-and-potatoes capitalist woman. Get off my burger.

Himlin is President of the Kendall County Republican Club