Onto Something

Dec 06 2019
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President Trump started his campaign for public office with some phrases that have since become commonly used in our everyday conversation.  From the beginning, he aimed to “drain the swamp”, one of the most potent political slogans in American history; millions of American voters knew exactly what he meant.  He was onto something.

He also coined the phrase “fake news”.  Again, millions of us knew what he meant.  But I, for one, chalked it up to another president who was unhappy with media coverage.  Every president complains about unfair media, nothing new there.  Even Obama, the darling of mainstream media, objected to some of their coverage of his administration.

Then I saw one of Trump’s first press conferences.  I witnessed some reporters who were downright disrespectful to the president.  I had never seen an American president treated so rudely.  Trump, in his inimitable style, promptly called out a reporter, calling his network fake news.  I was beginning to get the picture, to understand why this newly elected president had a hair trigger reaction to media assaults.  Yes, he was onto something.  For once, we had a Republican president who would stand up to the biased liberal media.

And now, in the third year of Trump’s presidency, came an event which cemented in my mind the abject bias of the mainstream media.  And their alliance with their liberal friends in public office.

The event was the killing of the world’s most wanted terrorist, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, at the end of October.  Our military made us all proud, by perfectly executing a very dangerous mission, where Baghdadi killed himself along with his children when pursued by American forces.  The world is a better place now, without al-Baghdadi breathing any of its air. 

You would think that all Americans would breathe a sigh of relief and express their thanks to the people who made the operation happen.  But if you thought that, you would be wrong.

What was the reaction of media and liberals?  They showed just how far they would go in their hostility to this president.

Start with the Washington Post.  Their headline was, “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Islamic State’s ‘terrorist-in-chief,’ dies at 48.”  No mention of how he was killed, no mention of the rapes he committed, no mention of the Americans he killed.  They did call him an “austere religious scholar”, and they criticized the president for calling him a coward.  The Post is totally disconnected from reality, in their zeal to smear the president.

Next was another example of biased liberal news media, CNN.  They published an article titled “The 41 most shocking lines from Donald Trump’s Baghdadi announcement.”  Instead of reporting a milestone achievement in the war on terror, CNN parsed every word and nuance of a carefully prepared announcement.  CNN bent over backwards to put a negative spin on it.

And then there was the New York Times, that paragon of biased liberal newspapers.  In their published opinion, they said the successful raid “occurred largely in spite of, and not because of, Mr. Trump’s actions.”  They did not even try to contain their scorn for the president.

Finally came Nancy Pelosi, the liberal icon.  She complained that the Russians were notified before she was notified.  But there was a good and valid reason for that, which she either does not understand or is twisting to fit her political attack on Trump.  You see, the Russians had to be notified before American aircraft could enter the airspace.  Those are the mutually agreed rules of engagement in that territory, for the safety of our aircrews.  By the way, there is a reciprocal arrangement for Russian aircraft.

Pelosi was notified, with prudent timing, after our forces were out of harm’s way.  That is basic operational security, that our armed forces have practiced forever.  None of this got in the way of Pelosi speaking another twisted, dishonest soundbite for her loyal followers.  She couldn’t let facts get in the way of bashing the president.

So, I now totally appreciate what our president is fighting every day, what he calls fake news.  He is onto something.  It is relentless, pushing its liberal agenda.  And it is offensive to voters here in Kendall County, where 80% of us voted for Trump in 2016.  Many millions of Americans agree with us.  We have taken note, and will act accordingly in 2020.

Fake news?  You bet!

Scott S. Kramer is Chairman of the Republican Party of Kendall County.