Magpie Madness

Jan 10 2020
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Protestors burned effigies of a tousle-haired blond man, chanting “Refugees welcome here!”; “No to Tory racism!”; “Not my PM!”.  “Magpie madness”, otherwise known as “swooping season” had begun.  Envision the avian frenzy in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, not the wisecracking Heckle and Jeckle cartoon characters.

TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) redux?   November 2016 Déjà vu?

Close, but no cigar.  December 13, 2019, and Boris Johnson had been elected Prime Minister of Great Britain. Hundreds of the minions of  far-left Labour opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, rampaged in the streets of London and Glasgow. BDS, or Boris Derangement Syndrome,  became implanted in the political soils of England.

Boris Johnson was elected Mayor of London in 2008, served as Foreign Secretary, 2016-2018 and was appointed, July 2019, by Queen Elizabeth, to succeed resigning Prime Minister Theresa May.

In last month’s national elections, Johnson’s Conservative Party won 365 seats out of 650, gaining forty-seven seats, giving the party an eighty seat majority, the largest of any UK party since 2001. Labour lost fifty-nine seats and, since 1935, has not experienced such a humiliating defeat. 

In one of his first public statements, Prime Minister Johnson asked for closure and “healing as a nation”. The magpies would have none of it.  Boris was their “nightmare before Christmas.  The angry birds crowed the Jeremiad of Jeremy. Jeremy Corbin promised globalism, the nationalization of utilities, railways, even broadband service; the taxation of private schools; new taxes on homeowners and the creation of a higher-education entitlement.

The spirit of  The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, surely is restless.

Goodness! Doesn’t this sound like the left-wing platform of the 2020 American Democratic presidential candidates, particularly Corbyn’s Yankee doppelganger, fellow rumpled, grumpy socialist Bernie Sanders?  Factor in Labour’s anti-Semitism and sympathy for anti-Israel terrorist organizations, and the British Deplorables said “Enough”!  They wanted patriotism, not Marxism.  Even the Brits who were not pro-Brexit chose Johnson over Corbyn, fearing that a Labour victory would have damaged the economy.  As Hillary Clinton’s political extremism ensured the election of Donald Trump, the radicalism of Jeremy Corbyn catapulted Boris Johnson to victory.

Donald Trump broke the Democratic “blue wall”, winning the states of Wisconson, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Boris Johnson broke Labour’s “red wall”, Northern England.  Like the Democratic Party of the USA, UK’s Labor Party veered hard left, to entice young, liberal urban voters. This alienated their traditional core of older, blue-collar, socially-conservative voters, those concerned with issues of crime, illegal immigration and the economy.

Democrat apparatchiks, look across The Pond, and learn a lesson. You don’t miss your water until your well runs dry;  the well contains many “smelly Walmart shoppers” and other “detestables” whose votes do matter.

“Get Brexit done!” was Johnson’s mandate.  Was this his way of saying MEGA (Make England Great Again)?

Regardless of political affiliation, British realtors, particularly those in the prime London sector, agreed that a Corbyn-Labour victory would have – overnight – meant total annihilation.  Their predictions of rising real estate prices and the return of wealthy foreign buyers, post Conservative victory, rang true. Since December 12, investors purchased, or agreed to, over one billion pounds ($1.31 billion USD) in commercial space. Financial advisors state that a Corbyn victory would have damaged London’s status as an international financial capital.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born in New York, in 1964, to British upper middle-class parents, Stanley and Charlotte Johnson. Stanley Johnson is an author and former Member of Parliament. At the time of Boris’s birth, he was studying economics at Columbia University.  Boris was educated at Eton College and Balliol College, Oxford.   Like President Trump, he has been criticized for his “questionable character”,  lack of charm and purported womanizing.  The magpies have diagnosed both leaders as having mental illnesses.

On this side of the Atlantic, a president faces impeachment because he had the audacity to appeal to the Deplorables and win an election.  On the other side, the earliest recorded impeachment was that of Lord Latimer in 1376, accused of bribery and retaining funds that were owed The Crown, and the last one in 1806, of Lord Melville, charged with misappropriating funds.  Originally, impeachment was developed as a method for the British Parliament to “prosecute and try holders of high office for crimes of high treason or other crimes”.  It is considered obsolete, as it hasn’t been adapted to modern politics. British legal experts pronounce it a useless device.  But since BDS has taken root, perhaps the Pelosi-Schiff-Schumer brigade can expedite their fractured fairy tale rulebook of impeachable offenses to Labour.

December 13, 2019:  10,282,632 Brits voted “BDS”.  13,905,520 voted “MEGA”.

Congratulations, Boris!

 Mary Himlin is President of the Kendall County Republican Club