The Grassroots

Feb 12 2020
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Last week, we completed our series of candidate debates in Kendall County. At each of these events, our GOP candidates answered voter questions, and told us of their qualifications, their experience, their values and beliefs. As in the past election cycle, we had a full house. The grassroots GOP voters came out to learn about the candidates, to help make an informed decision with their votes at primary election.

I reminded the audience that the winners of the GOP primary will not be selected by party officials, including me. They will also not be selected by big donors, or politicians. Instead, the winners will be selected by the grassroots, the rank and file Republican voters of Kendall County. This is a crucial point, that the Republican Party of Kendall County and the Republican Party of Texas are grassroots parties. Again, our candidates and our platform are chosen by the grassroots. I am proud to be one of the 17,000 grassroots Republican voters in Kendall County, and especially proud to represent them as chairman of the county party.

The objective of our Kendall County GOP is to elect conservative candidates from the courthouse in Boerne to the White House in Washington. And we have a track record. Wow, do we have a track record. You see, every single citizen of Kendall County, in every precinct, is represented and served exclusively by Republican public officials in every office at the county, state, and federal level. In all 4 precincts in Kendall County, all precinct officials are Republican: county commissioners, justices of the peace, and constables. All countywide elected officials are Republican. Our state representative, Kyle Biedermann, and our state senator, Donna Campbell, are Republicans. All 27 statewide Texas public officials are Republicans. Our congressman, Chip Roy, is a Republican. Both of our US senators are Republicans: John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. And of course, President Trump is also a Republican, and will head our GOP ticket in the November election.

Those results were achieved because our GOP voters have turned out in huge numbers. Our Kendall County GOP voters are very well informed, and we lead the state of Texas in voter turnout. This year, that will be more important than ever.

Those conservative Republican officials reflect our hill country values and traditions. Whether we are lifelong residents or new movers, we are all part of that traditional, conservative culture. It’s who we are. We cherish our individual freedoms, our strong economic growth, and the opportunity for each of us to pursue our American dream. We don’t like big government, threats to our liberties, overbearing government regulations, and we especially hate high taxes. Under Republican stewardship for more than a generation, Texas is a shining star to America.

So, of course, Texas is a prize for our political adversaries. For example, in a recent special election for a seat in the Texas House of Representatives, the Democrat candidate was funded by massive donations from outside the district. In fact, 80% of the funds came from outside Texas! Thankfully, our GOP candidate won by a whopping 16 points.

And, as we all know, this year is the presidential election. You can bet that the Democrat party will bring tons of big city, east coast, west coast, Hollywood money into Texas. That is where we, the grassroots, come in. After all the fancy advertisements, the slick mailers, the promises of “free stuff”, we in the grassroots will make the final decision. Each of us have the power, with our ballot, to send a message to these out of touch, out of state liberals.

In Kendall County, all of our GOP candidates will be elected in the fall. That is because there are no Democrat candidates in our county. Even so, it is very important that all GOP voters turn out to cast their ballots in the primary next month, and in the general election in November. We must win an overwhelming landslide in Kendall County, from President Trump all the way through the ballot to all of our county candidates.

In the Kendall County GOP, we aim to contact all 17,000 of our voters this year. Several times, actually! Kendall County is one of the many solid GOP counties in Texas, and with all of us doing our part, we can Keep Texas Red and Keep America Great!

Scott S. Kramer is Chairman of the Republican Party of Kendall County.