The Masks

Feb 27 2020
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New Orleans, the time of Mardi Gras, and an elderly man, Jason Foster,

has accepted that he will, at the stroke of midnight, depart this earth.  He arranges for his four avaricious heirs to don grotesque masks, with the instructions that they remain on until the moment of his passing.  As the clock strikes twelve, the quartet gleefully removes the shrouds, anticipating the wealth to be  received from Jason’s estate.  Horrified, they find their faces have molded to the contours of the masks.

The genius of the late Rod Serling presented “The Masks”, an episode from his award-winning fantasy-suspense series, in October, 1964.

As I watched President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, February 4, 2020, the countenances of the Congress and Senate Democrats bore  macabre resemblances to the characters in “The Masks”.  Hate, contempt, disrespect –  outward manifestations of Trump Derangement Syndrome  – were the expressions of the evening.  Without speaking, without applauding, which they generally refused to do, the “masks” said it all.

Special guests of President Trump, a mosaic of our American society, were present in the Congressional chamber.  They included Kelli and Gage Hake, widow and son of Army Staff Sgt. Christian Hake, killed by a roadside bomb attack planned by Qasem Soleimani, who was exterminated, on January 3, by an air strike ordered by President Trump.

Charles McGee, one of the remaining famed WW II Tuskegee Airmen, recently turned 103, attended with his family.  At the event, he was awarded promotion to Brigadier General.

Conservative talk-show host, Rush Limbaugh, recently diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer, received the Medal of Freedom, placed around his neck by First Lady, Melania Trump. 

A  number of other wonderful Americans were present and honored.  What was the left’s reaction?  They were “props”, part of a “Reality Show”.

I have read and heard the disgusting comments, in the left-wing media, after Mr. Limbaugh announced his cancer.  They included:  “Karma”. “God works in mysterious ways.”  “It couldn’t happen to a better person, racist POS.”  Regardless of one’s political affiliation, such statements are unacceptable.  As the widow, best friend and main caregiver of a gentleman who passed, twenty-two years ago, from Stage IV head and neck cancer, I can tell anyone, you do not wish this brutal disease on anyone. Shame on you!

The masks in the gallery reflected nothing but pure hatred.  The gathering should have been a time of bipartisan celebration, but it was a continuation of the outrageous attitude that personifies TDS.  Kamala Harris, Jerry Nadler, Chuck Schumer,  to name a few, were all portraitures of distain.

“Even without their masks, they are caricatures,” Jason’s final words. 

The Sisterhood of the White Shrouds, ostensibly attired to honor the Suffragette movement, arose in choreographed unison, and on cue, arms out, fingers pointing, chanted,  “HB 3! HB 3!,” orchestrating their support for the partisan Lower Drug Costs Now bill. Drama queens extraordinaire!

Major Domo of the House of Contempt, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, throughout the speech, repeatedly mouthed the word “No” and telegraphed her disapproval.  In crescendo, she disrespectfully tore up her copy of the speech.  Jerry Nadler was “delighted” by her actions.  Hakeem Jeffries wisecracked, “As far as I’m concerned, the shredder wasn’t available, so she did what she needed to do.”

If true, Hakeem, why hire Iron Mountain Secure Shredding Services, when Nancy can accomplish the task?  When questioned as to her behavior, Pelosi said it was “dignified” and “the courteous thing to do, considering the alternatives.”

What were those alternatives, Madame Speaker?  Did you contemplate torching this “Manifesto of Mistruths,” as you labeled it, or lead your fellow Democrats in a protest march up and down the aisles of the chamber?

Our President declined a handshake as he offered you a copy of his address.  However, you continually question his mental acumen and that of his supporters and, using the pretext of a government shutdown, attempted to deny him use of the Congressional chamber for his 2019 State of the Union.  In your February 5, 2020 press conference, you stated,  “He has shredded the truth in his conduct, so I shredded his speech”.  You and your acolytes can dish it out but cannot take it.  Nancy, who initiated the political food fight?  

Ms. Pelosi showed her true colors. They are not red, white and blue.

Mama would tell me there is a difference between character lines and wrinkles.  Don’t let your face become a legacy of hatred.

 Mary Himlin is President of the Kendall County Republican Club.