Le Café Bernard

Apr 17 2020
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Welcome to Le Café Bernard! Allow chef/host, Bernie, nee Bernard Sanders, to escort you to a table. Enjoy the house beverage, Molotov Cocktail, while you peruse the menu. You’ll find the choices quite provocative. First, sample Bernie’s Bolshevik Borscht. At the University of Chicago, from which he graduated in 1964, he was a member of the Young People’s Socialist League.

A year earlier, he resided in the Stalinist Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakin (KSH), whose co-founder Aharon Cohen, an Arabist and critic of Israel, was arrested, mid-1950’s, for spying for the Soviet Union. KSH flew a red flag and pledged its allegiance to the Soviet Union. In 1971, Sanders co-founded the Liberty Union Party (LUP), which advocated government takeover of all United Stated banks and private utility companies.

In the mid-1970’s, he directed the American People’s History Society, described by journalist Paul Sperry, among others, as a Marxist propaganda organ. Anti-capitalist Antipasto comes with an antacid tablet, because: In a 1987 University of Vermont student newspaper, “The Gadfly”, interview, Bernie reflected upon becoming “physically nauseated” by a 1960 anti-Fidel Castro speech by President John F. Kennedy. “I was very excited and impressed by the Cuban Revolution and actually got up from the room and almost left to puke”. He remains a staunch supporter of the Cuban dictatorship. Mid-1980, Sanders was a member of a joint Soviet- East German “peace committee”, whose aim was to stop President Reagan’s European nuclear missiles.

In a 2016 CNN Democratic presidential debate, he criticized the immorality of the “top one-tenth of one percent who own ninety percent of the wealth” in this country and defined democratic socialism as what Sweden, Norway and Denmark practice. These are welfare states, not “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” Marxist tyrranies. His redistributionist “fairer tax system” ( FTT), would reduce retirement savings by as much as 8.5% over an average worker’s lifetime. More than half of Americans own stock, either directly or indirectly through mutual funds.

He would mandate a 50 basis point tax on all equity trades, ten basis points on bond trades and 0.5 points on derivatives. Sweden repealed its FTT in 1991, after 50% of its trading volume fled to London. The US, in 1914, experimented with an FTT when Congress enacted a stamp tax on stock and bond trades. It was repealed in 1965, as it slowed growth and produced scant revenue. He wants a “national wealth registry”, to ensure the wealthy will not evade their taxes. This, his Redistributionist Ragout. In 1938, Hitler enacted the “Decree for Reporting Jewish-Owned Property”, enabling the Nazis to seize Jews’ assets. It required German and Austrian Jews to register assets valued over 5,000 Reischmarks.

His Sandinista Souffle: In 1985, as Mayor of Burlington, Sanders visited Nicaragua, to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Daniel Ortega’s communist regime and speak at an anti-American rally. He has compared Ortega to President Abraham Lincoln. Ortega has returned the favor. Backing Sanders for president in the 2020 campaign, he stated, “The United States, with its imperialist practices, is entering its terminal stage,” and that his apparatchik would “move America in the right direction”. Right? Or left, Daniel? When Ortega accelerated his mass arrests of critics and extinguished the opposition media, Sanders would not condemn him, stating that the crackdown “made sense to me”. He supports Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, who has continued the socialism of Hugo Chavez, driving the former Latin American gem into destitution.

Bernie bakes one mean Soviet Strudel: As mayor of Burlington, during the 1980’s, he hung the Soviet flag in his office, to honor Burlington’s “sister city”, Yaroslavl, Russia. He set price controls, raised taxes and restricted landlords‘ rights. A delirious Sovietophile, he named Burlington’s softball team the “People’s Republic of Burlington”. In 1980, he backed Socialist Workers Party candidate, Andrew Pulley, for president. Pulley was a Marxist who advocated government takeover of America’s energy industry. How about a helping of Freebie Frittata? Bernie waves the spatula, like a magic wand, at the uninformed, particularly millennial, voters. Free college!

Free health care! Free child care! Student debt forgiveness! He admits these would require higher taxes, $40 trillion over a decade, or a 66% increase in federal spending. Center-left Progressive Policy Institute estimates this spending spree would exceed revenue by $25 trillion over a decade. Sanders proclaims pride in his Jewish heritage, yet labels Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu a racist, refused to attend AIPAC’s March 2020 annual conference, praises anti-semitic congresswoman Ilhan Omar and campaigns with pro-Sharia Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour.

Your kitchen is not kosher, Bernie!

Mary Himlin is president of Kendall County Republican Club