July 17, 2020

Jul 17 2020
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Amidst the racial division in America many people are calling for reconciliation.

However, reconciliation can only follow previous conciliation, which is defined as “to gain goodwill or overcome distrust.” I’m not sure America has ever had true conciliation among the races.

Improved conciliation requires people of goodwill to follow the Golden Rule, adhering to Jesus’ commandment to love one another. We also need leaders from various walks of life to promote unity and opportunity for all.

It’s possible to romanticize a movement and see what one wants to see as opposed to what the movement really stands for. Thus, people of good will can be snookered by those with impure intentions.

I understand that since many feel black lives have been marginalized in American history, using the term black lives matter needs to be emphasized.

What I cannot support is the organization Black Lives Matter. Why? Very simply, by their own admission BLM’s leaders are Marxists, and I don’t like Marxism.

In a 2015 interview with Jared Ball of Real News Network, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors stated, “We actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia Garza (BLM co- founder) are trained Marxist organizers and super-versed on ideological theories.”

Eric Mann, a member of the militant group Weather Underground, which bombed government buildings and police stations in the 1960’s and 70’s, mentored Cullors on Marxist ideology for a decade.

Melina Abdullah, leader of the Los Angeles BLM chapter who claims to be a 3rd generation Marxist, led an expletive filled rally calling for the disruption of white capitalism and chants against police, nearby affluent cities, and specific shopping centers.

 Abdullah’s young children shared hateful thoughts about police. Knowing that hatred and racism is taught; it’s obvious Abdullah is well versed in doing so. Following Abdullah’s tirade, the shopping centers she vilified for “white capitalism” were vandalized and looted.

BLM’s mission statement includes: “We disrupt the Western prescribed patriarchal nuclear family structure.” This is straight out of the Communist Manifesto. Numerous studies show lower student achievement and higher crime and truancy rates among children raised by one parent. And BLM wants more of this?

Jaiden Grayson, BLM leader of Seattle’s CHOP zone, claims to be an African held hostage in America, and advocates the abolishment of police, prisons, and courts. Should Grayson relocate to Africa, she should be careful as an average of 9.2 million people are held as slaves in several dozen African nations.

Crime in cities that have vilified their police has increased.  New York City, led by Mayor Comrade DeBlasio (who worked for Nicaragua’s Marxist Sandinistas in the 1980’s), has seen shootings and murders skyrocket, while Chicago, with strong gun control laws, has suffered record killings.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durken ordered police to evacuate “CHOP” and did nothing even after several innocent black teenagers were murdered there. She only acted after a Socialist member of the Seattle City Council led a protest causing damage to Durken’s home. Durken lets protestors defile an entire area but does nothing until it reaches her upscale “progressive” neighborhood.

Baltimore’s mayor empathized with protestors and looters. That city has had a series of incompetent and corrupt mayors. Sheila Dixon resigned in 2010 following her conviction for embezzlement, while Catherine Pugh resigned in 2019 after being sentenced to 3 years in prison for perjury.

Instead of sympathizing with rabble rousers, Baltimore should work on its school system; recent reports show that 13 high schools don’t have a single student at grade level in math. Baltimore’s public-school system, though well-funded, is a disaster and alternatives are needed. But the same incompetents who run Baltimore and the liberal American Federation of Teachers Union oppose any school choice.

“Progressive” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called for the end of “systemic racism,” but only after ordering police to stand down, letting Antifa radicals destroy many minority and immigrant owned businesses. Progressives have run Minneapolis since 1960. It took the USA 8 years after President Kennedy’s challenge to land a man on the moon, and less than 4 years for the USA to defeat totalitarianism in WW II. One has to wonder what “progressives” have been doing in Minneapolis for the last 60 years.

Our nation is in turmoil, and it’s sad. We need conciliation. We also need leadership at all levels that is willing to look problems in the eye and not be afraid to implement bold solutions.

Falling for discredited, worn out theories that have brought only misery and destruction is not the way to go. Black lives do matter; it’s the political philosophy of BLM leaders, and their “progressive” enablers, that can take a hike.