Runoff Vote

Jul 03 2020
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A single vote. It’s a valuable thing, indeed. Kendall County elections have been decided by just one. And we are given many opportunities to cast a vote. Sometimes our votes choose our public officials. Sometimes they choose the leadership of our church, or our political party, or our neighborhood homeowners association. Sometimes they choose the leadership of a corporation. I have personally cast many votes, and received many votes as well.

My late father was fortunate to meet with several Republican presidents, for private discussions. He always had great stories. And he once remarked about the value of the vote. He told me, “Son, I come from a long line of farmers. Many generations. And yet the most powerful man in the world asks for my support. Don’t ever forget that your vote is a very valuable thing. Use it wisely.”

We now have an important runoff election in Kendall County. Our Republican voters will select our nominee for the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), District 5.

Why is this important? Because more than 5 million Texas children attend public schools. That group is larger than the entire population of 28 states in America.

District 5 is comprised of all or part of 13 counties, mostly surrounding hill country neighbors of Kendall County.

The SBOE sets policies and standards for Texas public schools. Their primary responsibilities are 1) setting curriculum standards 2) reviewing and adopting instructional materials 3) establishing graduation requirements 4) overseeing the Texas Permanent School Fund 5) appointing board members to military reservation and special school districts 6) providing final review of rules proposed by the State Board for Educator Certification and 7) reviewing the commissioner’s proposed award of new charter schools, with authority to veto a recommended applicant.

The SBOE meets in Austin at least 4 times per year. In fact, they just met this past week. Agenda topics are textbooks, curriculum, state funding, charter schools, etc. Our District 5 board member will represent us in those discussions and decisions.

The Kendall County GOP has endorsed Lani Popp, one of our own. She lives in the Boerne ISD, is a career educator, specializing in working with students with autism. She is a conservative Republican who will stand up for Texas students, parents, and teachers. We have become well acquainted with her during the campaign, and give her our strongest support.

She has also been endorsed by all GOP members of the SBOE, plus Governor Greg Abbott, Congressman Chip Roy, State Senator Donna Campbell, and State Representative Kyle Biedermann.

Early voting for the runoff election began last Monday, June 29. It will continue for another week. Then, Election Day is July 14. We encourage all Republican voters to stop by the Elections Office to cast their ballots during the early voting period. We also will have 6 vote centers open on Election Day, across Kendall County; you can vote at any one of them. One way or another, please stop by and cast your valuable ballot. It took me less than a minute.

We will have a larger share of mailin ballots this time, due to the pandemic. But I can assure everyone that those votes are verified carefully, in a process that accounts for every single ballot in the county. You have seen in the news, some states rely entirely on mailin ballots. Not in Texas. We take ballot security very seriously. Election fraud is a real problem in some parts of America, but we have 100% confidence in our processes here in Kendall County.

So, stop by and cast your vote for Lani Popp, SBOE District 5. There are 5 million Texas children who are depending on us to send a principled conservative to represent our interests.

And as you see me or other GOP volunteers out at the polls, give us a howdy, a wave, or a honk. We appreciate the support as we work to keep Kendall County a deep Republican red. See y’all at the polls!

Scott S. Kramer is Chairman of the Republican Party of Kendall County.