Why Meadow Died

Aug 27 2020
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I read this book when it was hot off the presses, September 2019, by Andrew Pollock, father of Meadow, one of the seventeen students who perished at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, at the hands of Nicholas Cruz. Despite his long history of mental illness and violence, Cruz was allowed to stay in the system.  The Obama era PROMISE program and other politically correct strategies encouraged Cruz’s disturbing behavior, which led to this carnage.

 Andrew Pollock grieves, but has not let the tragedy of losing his beautiful daughter turn him into a bitter man, nor one who wishes to deny anyone second amendment rights.  Rather, he has devoted his life to being a school safety activist, to prevent history from repeating itself.

As I watched Mr. Pollock speak, on August 26, 2020, at the Republican National Convention, I was reminded of the strength and courage of this great American.  “Why Meadow Died” is a page turner that will forever haunt you.

Submitted by Mary Himlin

August 27, 2020