September 11, 2020

Sep 11 2020
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What kind of America do you want to see?

As we ponder this question, I can’t help but notice a rather stark contrast in behavior being demonstrated as Election Day approaches.

Last Saturday over 500 vehicles participated in Boerne’s “Trump Train,” travelling north on Main St and continuing all the way to Comfort. Unlike many of the 220 violent protests in cities like Portland, Seattle, or Chicago, this truly was a peaceful congregation.

Organizers started the event by leading the large group in pledging allegiance to our flag, followed by a prayer.

Local law enforcement helped guide traffic. I’m told that many of the police officers or sheriff’s deputies were there on their own time. Why you may ask?

Perhaps it’s because they feel the community’s appreciation for protecting and keeping us safe. Instead of being condemned and hated as in so many “progressive” cities, they are respected and admired here.

This event was a sharp contrast to the lawlessness we see across much of America. To think that Portland has now exceeded 100 consecutive days of violence and mayhem is shocking.

Buildings are burned, stores are looted, flags are desecrated, and hatred prevails. This is disgraceful.

Regarding the question of what kind of America we want, I believe the vast majority of people, regardless of political affiliation, would say they want peace and safety in their communities, opportunity for all to grow and prosper, and a bright future for their children that starts with a good education.

While these wishes are certainly non-partisan, the behavior of opposing political groups today do not support this wishful consensus.

Let’s ask some basic questions.

Do you want A: a nation where people respect the flag and pledge allegiance to it, or B: a nation where malcontents burn and desecrate the flag?

Do you want A: our children to learn the real history of our nation, both good and bad, or B: have them indoctrinated by history books written by America hating Marxists like Howard Zinn or the NY Times’ 1619 Project?

Do you want A: a nation where you are free to worship as you please, or B: one where any reference to our Creator is eliminated from public discourse?

Do you want A: a nation where you’re free to support pro-life values you hold dear, or B: a nation where your business is forced to offer health plans that include abortion inducing drugs?

Do you want A: a nation where students are taught critical thinking and are free to express their thoughts without adverse consequences from politically driven professors, or B: a nation where punitive speech codes discourage independent thinking?

Do you want A: a nation where the first amendment is revered and protected, or B: a nation where “trigger warnings” and “micro-aggressions” are used as excuses to eliminate true free speech?

Do you want A: a nation where all children have the opportunity to receive a good education and achieve the American Dream, or B: a nation where too many cities are led by incompetent bureaucrats who care more about political power than educating kids?

Do you want A: a nation where risk taking entrepreneurs are encouraged, or B: a nation where powerful, centralized elites reduce competition and creativity?

Do you want A: a nation where success is admired and appreciated, or B: one where it is vilified and penalized?

In summary, do you want to live in A: a nation that protects and promotes freedom and liberty, or B: a nation where forced group-thinking and totalitarianism is on the rise?

Currently, the tone and actions of the two major political parties offer great contrasts. If you answered A to most or all of the above questions, then you are likely to back the GOP and President Trump.

Trump is far from perfect. He tweets excessively and talks when he should listen. He needs to work harder to unify our country. A good political leader seeks to expand his base, not simply cater to it. In this sense, Trump’s signing of the First Step Act, increased support for historically black colleges, and implementation of Opportunity Zones is a welcomed outreach to racial minorities.

Unlike so many politicians, Trump is doing what he said he would. Democrats only talk about how bad they think Trump is, hoping that Americans won’t realize how radical and destructive their platform is.

It’s also clear that Trump truly loves our country. I wish I could say the same for so many on the left, but I cannot. Their actions don’t speak of a love for America, but rather disdain for it.

As the son of immigrants who came to the USA seeking opportunity and freedom, this negative attitude towards America is unacceptable. Though not perfect, America is a great nation worth fighting for. That should be a universal, bi-partisan thought.