Nov 15 2019

A derecho, defined as a widespread, fast moving, straight-line windstorm, devastated the northeast, Labor Day 1998. It lasted only minutes, but in its wake, 115 MPH gusts caused over $130M in damages. Power outages lasted up to ten days, Town of Manlius, .. Read More

Nov 29 2019

Biodegradable pitchforks raised high, saving Planet Earth one bean sprout at a time, and defending the civil rights of farm animals, the vegan scolds are determined to revolutionize your diet.  Force-feeding grain to geese is taboo, but shoving their.. Read More

Dec 20 2019

“It’s coming on Christmas, they’re cutting down trees, they’re putting up reindeer and singing songs of joy and peace.” Eve of Christmas Eve, 2014:  The joy and peace of New York City’s midtown shopping district was shattered.  .. Read More

Jan 10 2020

Protestors burned effigies of a tousle-haired blond man, chanting “Refugees welcome here!”; “No to Tory racism!”; “Not my PM!”.  “Magpie madness”, otherwise known as “swooping season” had begun.  Envision the avian frenzy in .. Read More

Jan 31 2020

I first encountered Scrappy, a puppy of unknown ancestry, on the mean streets of New York City. At the other end of the leash was a little boy, named Antonio, who spoke little English.  He and his family had recently emigrated from Puerto Rico. We co.. Read More

Feb 21 2020

“Nanny State: A government with overprotective/interfering policies” Flanked by sidekick “Judge Judy” Sheindlin, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of the Socialist Republic of New York City, campaigned, January 11, .. Read More


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