Jul 21 2017

Initiative, not Dependence Rich Sena Late one morning last week my doorbell rang. Firmly expecting to be given a pitch by a religious group, I was surprised to see a young boy holding a business card to give me, with a supportive mom standing beside him. .. Read More

Aug 25 2017

The beginning of football season is upon us, and I look forward with great anticipation to Friday Night Lights here in Boerne. It is exciting to see so many students, parents, and community members pack Boerne ISD Stadium to cheer on our high school teams.. Read More

Sep 07 2017

Considering all the dissension generated by Confederate statues in public places, I thought I’d throw my two cents in. I realize this is a politically sensitive topic, often considered taboo to address. But no American should be shamed into silent submi.. Read More

Sep 22 2017

Sometimes we hear concerns expressed about our younger generation; what some see as too many wayward young people that creates fear for the future of our country, While it is fair to say that every generation has both heroes and leaders as well as degener.. Read More

Oct 22 2017

In 14 hundred and 92, Columbus sailed the ocean blue….. So the poem that describes Christopher Columbus’ journey begins. I leaned that poem in elementary school, when we were also taught that Columbus was looking for an alternative trade route to Indi.. Read More

Oct 28 2017

The headline of an article I recently read struck me as rather odd. The headline was “Harvey Weinstein Falls From Grace.” According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, grace is defined as “a state of sanctification enjoyed by divine assistance.” In.. Read More

Dec 17 2017

Let’s Promote Taxation Fairness! Write of Center Column – Boerne Star – December 15, 2017 By Rich Sena With all the division between the right and left in Washington DC, wouldn’t it be nice to have, just once, a kumbaya moment of unity in thought?.. Read More

Jan 19 2018

Put Anger Aside Write of Center Column, Boerne Star, January 12, 2018 By Rich Sena   I think most people agree that life is more fun when you are content as opposed to being angry. After all, living in a constant state of anger is not productive. Sad.. Read More

Jan 21 2018

  Tax Relief or Theft? Write of Center – Boerne Star, January 19, 2018 – By Rich Sena Combining hysteria and apocalyptic rhetoric, “Progressive” leaders in Congress have weighed in on the recent tax reform package signed into law by Presi.. Read More

Feb 11 2018

The Truth about Planned Parenthood Write of Center, February 9, 2018 Rich Sena Saving lives is not usually something associated with abortion. After all, this procedure terminates, or kills, what is an unborn child. Despite claims from some “pro-choice.. Read More