Aug 01 2017

A Victory for Religious Freedom The state of Missouri has a nickname. It’s called the Show Me State, based on a Missouri congressman’s remarks at a committee hearing in 1899. It seems that a government bureaucrat was giving long, complicated, and evas.. Read More

Sep 07 2017

Just 9 months ago, the 2016 election cemented Republican control of both chambers of the US Congress, the president, vice president, both chambers of the Texas legislature, governor, and lieutenant governor. It is a good time to pause and take stock of th.. Read More

Oct 18 2017

Free Stuff and Other Fantasies I was the new kid on the block. Just finished my stint in the US Air Force, and began my new civilian career at IBM. My boss reached out and tapped me, the new guy, to serve on a committee to plan the annual Family Day. IBM .. Read More

Nov 05 2017

Justice for the Little Sisters Two years ago, in October 2015, I wrote a column in this space. I told the story of the Little Sisters of the Poor, a group of Catholic nuns who dedicate their lives to serving the poorest elderly and dying folks. The nuns w.. Read More

Dec 03 2017

In the Swamp Back in 2011, a Democrat congress passed a law to “reform” the financial industry in America. It was signed into law by a Democrat president. The law provided for creation of an agency called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB.. Read More

Jan 06 2018

Another Promise Kept Just before Christmas, President Trump signed a major tax reform bill into law. It was delivered to his desk by our Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. A promise made, a promise kept. It delivers a tax cut to 80% of all .. Read More

Feb 02 2018

What’s Wrong with Work? Some of us are old enough to remember when work was hard to find. We might have heard of a friend or neighbor who landed a job, and we would rejoice with them. It was reason to celebrate, and we spread the happy news, that someon.. Read More

Mar 04 2018

Any One of Us Back in the bad old days of the Obama administration, I wrote about the IRS targeting conservative groups. Many writers and commentators did the same. The behavior inside the IRS was scandalous, and to add insult to injury, it was funded by .. Read More

Apr 08 2018

Send in the Subs My college football coach had a clear and simple policy about running backs’ performance. If a running back was tackled short of the goal line, inside the 5 yard line, no matter what the reason, he was removed from the game. Coach instr.. Read More

May 04 2018

Who is on Our Side? During each even numbered year, our Texas Republican party holds conventions at the precinct, county, and state level. Every four years, we also join a convention of all states, to nominate our presidential candidate. Our state party i.. Read More