Apr 09 2019

Real Collusion It’s all over the news. Special counsel Robert Mueller has completed his investigation, looking for evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election. Mueller employed 59 professional lawyers and inv.. Read More

Sep 06 2019

New Taxes

Free everything.  That is what we hear from Democrat candidates for the presidency.  It is silly season again, and they are in a bidding war to propose the most free stuff from government.  Free health care, free college, free student loan .. Read More

Oct 04 2019

We had a great time on September 12 in Boerne, at GoRed 19.  We celebrated the centennial of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, which gave women the right to vote.  Interesting speakers, compelling narratives, and funny stories.  We.. Read More

Nov 01 2019

While working in California in September 2010, I noticed a large new factory across the freeway.  It had a name which was later to become famous – Solyndra.  In Silicon Valley, they were a hot item.  The company was founded to produce sol.. Read More

Dec 06 2019

President Trump started his campaign for public office with some phrases that have since become commonly used in our everyday conversation.  From the beginning, he aimed to “drain the swamp”, one of the most potent political slogans in American h.. Read More

Jan 03 2020

In the August 3, 2018 version of my column in this newspaper, I wrote about impeachment.  At that time, Pelosi said that impeachment would require bipartisan support.  Well, here we are, two years later.  And Trump has been impeached in a s.. Read More

Feb 12 2020

Last week, we completed our series of candidate debates in Kendall County. At each of these events, our GOP candidates answered voter questions, and told us of their qualifications, their experience, their values and beliefs. As in the past election cycle.. Read More

Mar 06 2020

Last month, the ridiculous impeachment trial of President Trump came to an end, although most Americans did not notice. Actually, the daytime soap operas had better TV ratings than the House hearings or the Senate trial. Let’s take a moment to recognize.. Read More


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