Dec 11 2017

A Party of First’s It is mind boggling to see how much bashing the Republican Party has had to endure. Some say the Republicans have lost their resolve and have been too magnanimous. They have had to endure more splintered factions within the party such.. Read More

Dec 17 2017

Let’s Promote Taxation Fairness! Write of Center Column – Boerne Star – December 15, 2017 By Rich Sena With all the division between the right and left in Washington DC, wouldn’t it be nice to have, just once, a kumbaya moment of unity in thought?.. Read More

Jan 01 2018

The Next U.S. Representative People wonder why Congress has as an approval rating of 10-15 % but then are surprised that if you ask an individual about their own representative it becomes an 80-90% approval rating. So why the disconnect? The reason is sim.. Read More

Jan 06 2018

Another Promise Kept Just before Christmas, President Trump signed a major tax reform bill into law. It was delivered to his desk by our Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. A promise made, a promise kept. It delivers a tax cut to 80% of all .. Read More

Jan 19 2018

Put Anger Aside Write of Center Column, Boerne Star, January 12, 2018 By Rich Sena   I think most people agree that life is more fun when you are content as opposed to being angry. After all, living in a constant state of anger is not productive. Sad.. Read More

Jan 21 2018

  Tax Relief or Theft? Write of Center – Boerne Star, January 19, 2018 – By Rich Sena Combining hysteria and apocalyptic rhetoric, “Progressive” leaders in Congress have weighed in on the recent tax reform package signed into law by Presi.. Read More

Jan 28 2018

Great American Bypass I love it! I love it! Yes, I love President Trump’s tweets. There I said it. I love that the media can’t control the narrative. No one can for that matter not even the President’s own staff. Isn’t that why we elected him? To .. Read More

Feb 02 2018

What’s Wrong with Work? Some of us are old enough to remember when work was hard to find. We might have heard of a friend or neighbor who landed a job, and we would rejoice with them. It was reason to celebrate, and we spread the happy news, that someon.. Read More

Feb 11 2018

The Truth about Planned Parenthood Write of Center, February 9, 2018 Rich Sena Saving lives is not usually something associated with abortion. After all, this procedure terminates, or kills, what is an unborn child. Despite claims from some “pro-choice.. Read More

Feb 16 2018

Beto’s Big Adventure The cult of personality has reared its ugly head again. We had Barack Obama who brought out a throng of voters who were more obsessed with smiles and styles than with actual policy. Charisma voters overwhelmed policy voters in 2008 .. Read More