Sep 25 2020

Most people would probably agree that the biggest influence on their lives came from values taught by parents. What shaped my belief system is having grown up as a first generation American. My dad came to America from Southern Italy at age 14, while my m.. Read More

Sep 20 2020

Professional boxers employ a technique of assuming a protected position, pretending to be trapped against the ropes. It allows the opponent’s punches to be absorbed by the ropes rather than the boxer’s body.  This was classic Muhammed Ali, aka .. Read More

Sep 11 2020

What kind of America do you want to see? As we ponder this question, I can’t help but notice a rather stark contrast in behavior being demonstrated as Election Day approaches. Last Saturday over 500 vehicles participated in Boerne’s “Trump Train,”.. Read More

Aug 28 2020

Is the glass half-full or half-empty? How people view this often determines their outlook on life. Those who see the glass as half-empty look at things from a more negative perspective, concerned about what they don’t have, possibly displaying ingratitu.. Read More

Aug 27 2020

I read this book when it was hot off the presses, September 2019, by Andrew Pollock, father of Meadow, one of the seventeen students who perished at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, at the hands of Nicholas Cruz. Despite his long history of mental il.. Read More

Aug 25 2020

Russian nesting dolls of decreasing size, one inside another, are sometimes known as “babushkas”, meaning grandmother, in Polish or Russian. Generally carved from linden wood, they are themed:  florals, peasant women, fairy tales. Vasily Zvyozdoc.. Read More

Aug 14 2020

Recently I was reviewing some old family albums and found my father’s ID card as a “1954 member in good standing” of The Bronx North End Democratic Club. I chuckled as my dad was pretty conservative, but there were still lots of conservative Democra.. Read More

Jul 31 2020

In 1978 the American Civil Liberties Union took a controversial stand for free speech by defending a neo-Nazi group that wanted to march through the Chicago suburb of Skokie, where many Holocaust survivors lived. Many ACLU members were horrified, but the .. Read More

Jul 23 2020


“DARKTOWN” by Thomas Mullen Historical fiction that takes place in 1948, Atlanta, GA. This is the gritty, down and dirty story of the first eight black cops to join the police force. If you are too fragile or too sensitive to read the “N” word on .. Read More

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